Open Inquiry – Blog Post #1

For my open inquiry project, I have decided to learn Italian. I am one quarter Italian, but did not grow up speaking Italian at home (apart from the odd idiomatic word or phrase). As I have gotten older, I have realized the importance of staying in touch with one’s culture. Not only does this connect one with one’s family, but it helps one connect with a deeper part of oneself. I am going to Italy in May and would like to have at least a rudimentary understanding of the language before I go.

I have a few ideas on how to begin, but hopefully will gain more insight along the way. My first idea is to do learn Italian through the website duolingo. I have created a profile and selected the 15 minute per day option.

“Insane” sounded a little scary, so I decided to select “serious” instead.

My next strategy will be to talk to my Nonna (my grandmother). She grew up speaking Calabrese, an Italian dialect, but also knows formal Italian quite well. Every time I see her, I will try to learn a few new words–besides just different types of pasta!

I am feeling excited to honour part of my heritage in this way. I do not know where my speaking ability will be by the end of the semester, but hopefully these two steps will take me in the right direction.


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