Open Inquiry Blog Post #3

Today is day 8 of my mission to learn Italian (and also day 8 of my duolingo streak!)

I have started to recognize some basic words (types of food, clothing, etc.) and have just started learning the possessive. Duolingo asks learners to answer different types of questions by either typing out the answer, saying the answer out loud, or picking from a list of possible answers. This is beneficial because it challenges the learner to apply the words/concepts in different scenarios. Many of the phrases are conversational and are applicable to every day life. There are quite a few, however, that I am quite sure that I will never use. For example, one of the phrases that I have learned from Duolingo is: “l’orso mangia la mi bistecca” which means “the bear eats my steak”. But perhaps my perception of Italy is flawed, maybe this phrase will serve me well on my trip in May. Maybe, on a beautiful night in Positano, I will be sitting eating my dinner only to be rudely interrupted by a bear, who has come to eat my steak. I will be grateful to Duolingo as I call out, “l’orso mangia la mi bistecca!”

I do not think that doing Duolingo alone will help me develop a command of the Italian language. I my plan for this week is to learn some vocabulary and write it out using a pen and paper. Personally, I find it harder to remember things that I have written out via keyboard, so I think that this method may help me. I am also going to see my Nona this week and hopefully I can learn more conversational phrases with her.

In my last post, I talked about how I changed the language on my social media platforms to Italian. I wish I could say that this has been an effective strategy for me, but it has not been as successful as I had hoped (so far). I am so used to seeing notifications from these media platforms (facebook, instagram, pinterest) that I do not even read the notification anymore because I just recognize it and automatically understand what it means. Maybe I am speaking too soon, but as of right now I do not think that this is a revolutionary method. Seeing my notifications come up in Italian does remind me to do my Duolingo practice everyday, so that is one benefit!


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