Open Inquiry Blog Post #4

Today is day 14 of my adventure of learning Italian, and I daresay that I have had somewhat of a breakthrough. When I first started Duolingo, I did not have any intuitive sense of how to construct sentences. I could recognize some words, but I could not put them together in any meaningful way. Today, I found myself putting together a simple sentence without thinking about it. This led me to think about the concept of active learning/participation. I have been actively participating in every lesson (speaking aloud as I type out my answers, making a real effort to process the information), but I only recognized my progress when I was participating more passively. I suppose the passive participation allowed me to test out my muscle memory.

Today also marks the beginning of an experiment that I am going to do on myself. I read an article that made me wonder if I could further my learning by changing the time of the day at which I practice my learning. The article, linked below, said that many people found that practicing their language at night, right before they went to sleep, helped them retain the information better. I have been completing my Duolingo lessons relatively sporadically, sometimes right when I wake up in the morning, sometimes at night, and other times in between classes. For the next week, I am going to do all of my practice in the morning. The week after, I will try right before I go to bed. This will not, by any means, give me conclusive evidence; I may not even notice a difference! However, there is no harm in testing it out for myself.

Today in class we talked about screen recording. I am going to use my new found screen recording ability to show you what a Duolingo lesson consists of.


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