In Class Lab: Audio and Video Editing

In Tuesday’s EDCI 336 class we experimented with audio and video editing with the help of Rich McCue (whose blog I will link below). I have had extremely limited experience with this technology, so I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge in this way. We learned about Screencastify (which I used in a previous blogpost), iMovie, and Garage Band. We did not have a lot of time to explore each of these tools thoroughly during class time, so I am going to make time to get familiar with them more throughout the semester. I am not sure how I, as a teacher, would use Garage Band for educational purposes in the classroom. It is beneficial, however, for me to know how to use tools like Garage Band in case one of my future students wanted to use it as part of an inquiry project. I can see myself using iMovie in the practical classroom setting. It is a fantastic way to create engaging presentations that will encourage students to participate actively. I also love the idea of creating instructional videos for students to reference. This would be especially useful for students who may need extra review on certain topics, or have had an extended absence for some reason. I would also encourage students to use iMovie as a presentation tool. IMovie gives students the chance to express their ideas in a unique way.

Rich McCue’s Blog:


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