Trello: A Tool For Inquiry

Trello is a tool that allows students to take charge of their own learning. Trello helps students (or anyone, for that matter) to organize their projects. It helps students break down their projects into manageable components. It also facilitates collaboration. Trello users can invite others to be admins of their board. This makes working in a group much easier because you know what needs to be done, what is currently being done, and what has already been completed. This takes some of the anxiety that many students feel out of group work. Trello also ensures that users can take care of every tiny detail, while not losing sight of the bigger picture. Trello user friendly and highly visual. I love finding new ways to be organized, so I am very thankful that I have been exposed to Trello!

This is a picture of my Trello board for my open inquiry assignment.

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