Open Inquiry Blog Post #5

I have officially been learning Italian for 3 weeks now! I am getting more and more comfortable with the language and am actually quite proud of my progress.

I had every intention of following through with my plan to experiment with the time of day at which I do my lessons, but I will confess that I have not stayed true to my plan. However, tomorrow I will start doing my lessons before bed, as suggested by the article that I read last week.

I saw my Nona this past week and made an effort to speak Italian with her, as I think my conversation skills are lacking. She does not speak true Italian very often; usually when she talked to relatives on the phone she speaks Calabrese, so I could tell it was a challenge for her to shift to formal Italian. Although we did not speak Italian together for long, I think that it was a valuable experience. My accent definitely needs work. I have an issue speaking in a fluid and natural way and, as a result, I sound pretty choppy. I think that this issue will resolve in time and with practice.

As a creature of habit, I have been enjoying my Duolingo Italian lessons every day. However, as I have mentioned in previous posts, Duolingo alone will not help me achieve a high level of fluency. I have been researching other supplementary methods and came across a useful article. One of the methods suggested in the article was the Michel Thomas audio lessons. My older brother used these when he was learning Italian and found them quite helpful, so I think I should try them out too.


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