Open Education: Creative Commons: Copyright in the Classroom

Today in class we talked about the importance of being mindful of copyright policies when using other people’s photos. Before this semester, I had never given much thought to this issue. In elementary and high school, I routinely used random google images for school projects. I never thought about the problems with using other people’s work when expressing and curating my own ideas. Now, I am much more aware of the importance of adhering to the laws around fair dealing in Canada.

It has become abundantly clear that very few people actually know anything about the laws around copyright. Even some prominent organizations, like the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, are not completely clear about how to copyright their own resources. Ironically, in their guide for teachers, CMEC did not even mention creative commons. Creative Commons is an organization that strives to increase availability of legally shareable resources online. Here is a description from their website:

The CC Search beta makes it easy to search for content with clear copyright instructions.

Based on what you are using the content for, you can choose to select “use for commercial purposes” and/or “modify, adapt, or build upon”.

Most of the content on my blog is my own. However, at some point I will inevitably need to use somebody else’s content. I am grateful that I now have a viable search platform on which to look for content.


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