Open Inquiry Blog Post #8

After I lost my streak, my Duolingo practice has become a little sporadic. As a result, the Duolingo Owl has been accosting me. My entire inbox is full of passive aggressive reminders from Duolingo, saying (threatening?) that I should “keep the owl happy”. I tried to unsubscribe, but I keep getting emails. Receiving these emails does not actually motivate me to practice my Italian. However, I know that I should keep learning because I want to have at least passable Italian when I go to Italy in May. I have turned to YouTube videos to help me learn lately. There are endless videos on how to learn languages on YouTube. What I have learned, is that you just have to try them out and see which ones help you learn. Sometimes, while watching a video, it is tempting to watch passively. However, if you are actually trying to learn new information, you must be an active participant in the video. I have linked the videos that I have found to be the most helpful below.


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