Sketchnoting & Twine

Today in EDCI 336 we had the opportunity to explore Sketchnoting. Sketchnoting is the practice of taking notes that include words and visuals. It has been proven to improve memory and help concentration. Verbal to Visual posted a helpful graphic about sketchnoting:

Rich McCue took the class through a helpful workshop on how to effectively sketchnote. This workshop included practicing drawing shapes, different types of lettering, and common doodles. Sketchnoting is quite similiar to the trend of bullet journalling. Here is a picture of two pages in my colleague Maeve‘s bullet journal:

We also explored Twine in our class today. Twine allows users to creative interactive adventure stories (like the Black Mirror Episode “Bandersnatch”). I would love to use this tool in the classroom. First, I would ask my students to write stories. Then, I would ask them to put their stories into twine. I think that this activity would be exciting, exploratory, and engaging for a middle school class. Twine also allows students to explore coding if they are interested in that. Personally, I do not know anything about coding. However, I know that my future students will likely be knowledgeable about it. I am sure that they will be able to teach me more than I could ever imagine!


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