Music Check In #1

It has been a little less than a month since I started practicing the piano. I have been practicing regularly (almost every day!) and have seen substantial improvements. Consistency was hard at first, but I decided to go all-in and try to practice for at least a couple minutes per day so that I would get into the habit of playing. One thing that I need to work on is playing each hand separately a few times before trying to put it all together. Typically, when I start a new piece, I am eager to start playing both hands together right away. If I take a little more time to learn the notes before, I have more success. I also usually forget to read the key signature before playing, but as soon as I play the wrong note I check the key signature right away! I am going to work on taking it slow when I first start a new song. Another thing that I am going to work on is playing the hardest parts repeatedly and getting them down rather than playing through them incorrectly. My goal is to be able to play “Lightly Row”, “Hush Little Baby”, “Alouette”, and “At Sunset” by February 24. I think that I will be able to play all of these songs fluently by that date, but I am nervous about the singing. My piano is in my living room, so when I play everyone can hear me. This has deterred me from practicing my singing. My goal for the next few weeks up until the midterm is to practice my singing more regularly.

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