Music Midterm Check In

It has been just under two months since I started playing the piano. I am happy with my practice consistency and my progress. I have been working on singing while playing, but it is still difficult for me as my piano is in a communal space in my house. I feel relatively confident playing these pieces, however I know that there are some areas in which I can still grow, like dynamics. The song that I had the most difficulty with was “Alouette” because there are some challenging rhythms in it. I also had a hard time with “Hush Little Baby” because it is written so high that I had to use my head voice for most of the song, which I am not used to. I tried singing it an octave lower, but I decided against doing that for the video because it sounded wrong. I also worked hard on getting the dynamics right on this song, but I am not sure if they are quite perfect. Although these two songs were the hardest, I enjoyed learning them the most. I knew what they were supposed to sound like and being able to recreate the correct sound gives me great satisfaction. “Lightly Row” and “At Sunset” were easier to learn as they were very repetitive. They also do not have words to go along with them, so the challenge of singing and playing at the same time was avoided. Because I did not know how these songs sounded before playing them, it added a challenge of having to figure out the notes by reading each one individually instead of figuring some notes out by ear as I did with “Alouette” and “Hush Little Baby”. I have started another song, “Jingle Bells”, and am making progress on it too. I enjoy learning songs that I already know the tune of, so I may look for more in the book I have that I already know. If I do not know a song, I am going to ask my little brother to play it for me before I start learning it so that I know what it sounds like, because i find that extremely helpful. My goal for the next half of the semester is to stay consistent on my practice schedule.

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