My name is Julia Falzon and I am in my second year of Elementary Education at the University of Victoria.

I am fortunate to have had the chance to work with children in a variety of settings. It has been my privilege to have worked as a summer camp leader at the University of Victoria’s Track and Field Camp for the past six summers, the first two years as a junior leader and the following four years as a senior leader. My experience as a summer camp leader has equipped me with many skills that are transferrable to teaching including communication, collaboration, patience, organization, and confidence. I have also been the head coach of three youth sports teams at two schools: a grade 8 girls basketball team, a grade 8 boys basketball team, and a grade 6 boys volleyball team. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my passion for sports and active living with so many children.

I have also had the rewarding experience of working as an after-school care worker at an elementary school; this position reinforced two of my educational philosophies. The first of these is that free play is of profound importance for both the developing brain and socialization. The second philosophy is that learning takes many shapes and forms and is not limited to the classroom. I hope to foster a sense of curiosity in my future students because I believe that it encourages learning outside the classroom. My most current experience working with children is as a birthday party leader at Lizzy Lee & Me. This job gives me the opportunity to work with children in a fast-paced and high energy setting. This position has taught me an immense amount about being flexible, adjusting activities for different age groups, and being enthusiastic in every situation.

Through all of my experience working with children, I have learned that not all children are the same. As an educator, one must adapt the activity to fit the child, rather than expecting the child to fit into a predetermined mold. This allows the child to learn through exploration and develop their own ideas. Allowing children to learn through exploration not only encourages critical thinking, but also nurtures their sense of confidence and a positive self-image. My goal is to invite my students to be empowered by their own ideas as much as possible.

During my practicum, I also hope to explore a holistic teaching approach by experimenting with different cross curricular activities in the classroom. By combining multiple subjects into a single lesson, I hope to break down the rigid idea that school is made up of strictly segmented subjects which do not relate to one another. I believe that a more holistic approach to learning is essential in order to equip students with the necessary skills to solve problems in the “real world”.

This blog will document my learning during this semester (and hopefully throughout my whole degree!). I am excited to learn technological skills that will serve me throughout my teaching career.