Today in EDCI336 we had the pleasure of video-conferencing Verena Roberts. Verena is a teacher and an expert in open pedagogy. In her own teaching, she values inquiry, active participation, and community engagement. I have included some notes that I took during her presentation below:

Open Education Practice: intentional design to expand and share learning opportunities for all learners across classroom walls encourage network participation from different cultural groups

  • Designing for sharing
  • Multiple perspectives (everyone has a voice)
  • Participatory learning
  • Develop and encourage personal learning networks (PLN)
  • Design and value safe learning spaces
  • Expanded learning environments do not just have to be online
  • Creating resources with the intention to share them openly (Google Classroom makes it hard to share resources–use Trello instead!)

RELATIONSHIPS: intentional interactions, collaborations, connections that facilitate digital literacy

Verena used an innovative polling tool (polleverywhere) in order to interact with both of the groups and get to know us all before she started her presentation.

Verena’s research questions:

  1. How do I search & communicate online? Finding credible content, communicating online
  2. Who is my online audience? Data, security, digital mapping, data analysis
  3. How do I solve a community problem? à Authentic resources, using social media, connecting outside the classroom, using open content
  4. What is my story & how does my story inform my identity? Critical thinking, storytelling/perspectives (Indigenous lens)

Find Verena on twitter: @verenaz


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