In Class Lesson Reflection

Today in EDCI 306A we collaboratively presented the lessons that we planned on Monday. My group planned a lesson that incorporates learning in Music and Science. It can also be easily adapted to fit into PHE, Art, or Social Studies. Brainstorming ideas for our lesson was easy. There are seven of us in the group and we have no shortage of ideas. The hard part was narrowing down our ideas so that the lesson would not be too complicated or overwhelming for students. We all had to step back and remember that elementary school lessons are only 30-45 mins long. We all worked well together and I found it helpful to have group members who had such a good understanding of the parts of a lesson and the curriculum. In short, the lesson planning was relatively easy. Presenting, however, was challenging. We did not anticipate that we would have to present in front of the class in a formal way, so we were a little unprepared. We did not discuss how we would present it, which also made presenting challenging. I think that we did well considering the spontaneous style of our presentation. Looking back, we should have discussed who was going to say what in order to make sure that everyone was included. Personally, I think I could have been more clear when I was speaking to the class. If I were to teach this lesson to an elementary school class, I would definitely write myself some more specific notes about what I would like to say. I like that we engaged the students (in this case our peers) throughout the lesson by asking them for their input. Asking students for their input not only fosters active engagement, but also empowerment because it shows that their ideas are valued.


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