Open Inquiry Post #9

I fell off the wagon. I haven’t been on Duolingo for a couple of weeks now. After I lost my streak, I lost the habit of doing it every day. My experience has shown me that consistency is absolutely vital when learning a new skill, including language acquisition. Today I am going to start my Duolingo again and hopefully keep going until my trip in May. I am sure that I will learn a lot while I am there, but I would like to come armed with a few useful phrases.

Day 1 of my Duolingo comeback went really well! I expected to be a little rusty, but I actually caught on again right away. I think that my prolonged break actually caused me to be more focused on the lesson. When I was in the routine of doing it every day, sometimes I would find myself on “autopilot”–not even paying attention to what I was supposed to be learning.


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